Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Truth Be Told

Now, I don't like to be the mouthpiece for the candidates but I do want to share the e-mail I received from the Richardson campaign today. He discusses what I consider to be the main aspects for an end to the Iraq war: Realness.

It's a real war, with real guns and real tanks and real explosives.

And real Americans are dying.

As for accomplishment, it's going to take a mixture of Truth, and Get'N'Er Done! Read on.

P.S. I have removed the e-mail's embedded links to campaign donations just to prove that I'm not hustling.


Dear Bryan,

The charade continues: President Bush spent a few hours of his Labor Day in Iraq -- you may have seen his photo on CNN or in your paper. While there, he talked about "progress" and even suggested he might be willing to withdraw some troops -- of course he's said that in 2003, 2004, and now in 2007.

It is all make-believe -- a carefully crafted facade to try to buy more time to win a victory anyone with any sense knows isn't coming.

Iraq is not a media battle, and it can't be won by photographs, White House "progress reports," or false proclamations of success.

It's a real war, with real guns and real tanks and real explosives.

And real Americans are dying.

We got into this war based on lies, make-believe, and well-orchestrated dog-and-pony shows.

It is time for the truth: WE MUST END THIS WAR NOW. And we can't end it until we start bringing all of our troops home.

I am out there speaking the truth every day -- everywhere I go, to everyone I can find. But it's hard for any truth to be heard over the double-talk and misrepresentation coming out of DC, especially this week. General Petraeus is due to release a report that we all expect to be chock-full of White House spin. And you can bet Bush will try to use the anniversary of September 11th to distract America from the disaster he's created in Iraq. Don't let him do it -- help us raise the volume so that we can be heard above the din.

The truth needs to be heard -- and you can be the megaphone.

Please make a contribution of $35 today to help my campaign continue to get the truth out about Iraq in this critical time. Without you, our call to "GET OUT NOW" may be drowned out in all the noise and all the spin.

Democrats elected Democrats to end this war, and Congress reconvened this week with a clear mandate. Unfortunately, to date, while members of Congress talk about ending the war, they have yet to actually do it. It's time to stop the politics and the posturing and get it done.

And if Congress can't get it together to force Bush to end this war, then we'd better make sure our next President is prepared to do it their first day in office. I'm the only candidate who has made it clear: I will pull the troops out of Iraq as fast as I can; I will start on my first day in office; and I will leave no troops behind.

No other major candidate is willing to say that -- we can only guess how many years and how many troops they would leave behind. Straight answers now mean accountability later. We've gone too long without straight truth and accountability.

Real change can't just start in 2008 -- it needs to start now.

I know you are counting on me to make sure this message is heard clearly. I consider it my job, and my duty to you, to make sure to keep the pressure on and keep asking the questions until we get the answers we deserve.

But I need you to back me up -- make a contribution now -- be the megaphone that lets us rise above the charade and get the truth out there.

It is time to end the war, reject the charade, and bring all of our troops home as quickly as we can. That's the truth.

Stand with me, and make a contribution today.


Bill Richardson

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