Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dartmouth Debate LiveBlog Part V

Lightnight Round:

Here is the jist of the responses.
Obama: Bring in the other side, achieve.
Clinton: Bill was a pretty good President. But I am a different person.
Biden: MoveOn hasn't changed politics. (lame question for him)
Kuci: No $3 gas tax, Iraq is about oil. You can have a President who is against the Patriot Act, or you can have one who is tall. Hey-o!
Gravel: We can get off of gas and carbon.
Dodd: We need to do more about Chinese imports.
Obama: I was the first to speak out against Jena, I did enough. Its not black or white.
Richardson: I wouldn't accept head of the Boy Scouts. I won't sponsor discrimination.Goes wayyyy over time, though. But then calls out the leaders on not ending the war.

On nuclear:
: no on nuclear. Doesn't get the same laughs as Biden with the one-worders.
Obama: There is no magic bullet on energy.
Kuci: Nuclear power is expensive because of storage. (Good point)
Gravel: No. Yes on Wind power. It will take American people
Clinton: Won't rule out Nuclear.

Do we beat it out of him?
Obama: America cannot sanction torture. of course but I will do whatever it takes. But no torture.
Biden: No I would not. 17 4- and 3-star generals wanted him to say no torture. Claims faulty Iraq policy was gained via torture.
Clinton: No period. These hypotheticals are very dangerous.

Ooh, what a stinker! Russert gotchas Hillary by saying that Bill Clinton disagrees with her.
Now Clinton is claiming that she advised Bill on everything.
Dodd: Torture doesn't work, just ask John McCain.
Richardson: no.
Edwards: Problem is much bigger than this hypothetical demonstrates. It is a problem of what our country has done the last seven year.
Kuci: Strength through peace.

Man, that was rough. The lightning round was kind of a waste, especially on the torture stuff. Of course thats what they would say.

Edwards: "Look at what I've done!" He is not happy about the hedge fund question. "I would be happy to have any voter judge me based on what I have done in my life."

Russert: What is your favorite bible verse?
Obama: sermon on the mount.
CLinton: golden rule.
Kuci: Lord make me an instrument of your peace.
Edwards: What you do to the least of those, you do unto me.
Richardson: sermon on the mount
Dodd: Good samaritan
Biden: Christ's warning on the pharices.

And we close with a who is your favorite baseball team question.

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Peace Czar said...

Phillies? I hope Biden would back me up on this. Unless everyone down in Dover roots for the Orioles.

Obama, you won't rule out nuclear? No surprise from Clinton, but seriously bud, make a few distinctions and make your case for the green generation. Nuclear could only subsist off MASSIVE subsidies, making them no better than coal/oil. This coming from a guy who at first endorsed liquid coal, am I really surprised? Shouldn't the 5 million-billion-trillion young people that love Obama be aware of this? I forgot... soaring rhetoric. Too bad he's more of the Chris Martin, not Bono or Lennon, mold.

Clinton evoking the golden rule is downright creepy. How does "do unto others..." apply when your entire career is based upon triangulation. And Biden citing the Pharisees gave me chills, if only because it's so prescient.