Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bogged Down This Week

Quincy Bog, Rumney, NH -

It has been a rough week here on the blog trail. Most candidates have been avoiding the state like the plague, while the rest have been screwing me over. Giuliani and the New Hampshire Int'l Speedway stonewalled me on press credentials and nobody showed up to the Edwards Laconia tree canvass this morning.

Rudy, don't fear me. I'm only the truth.

Luckily there is never too bad of a week in the Granite State. When the going gets tough, your Country Blogger heads to the country. Witness a lesson:

Out in Quabbin Qountry, this is what we call A Stump Speech.

You know what I mean?

Ahh, the Whites. I was out on the trail, literally, working on a new Iraq War piece for much of the afternoon. I hope to get that up tonight, but editing and fact checking may delay it into the morning.
No matter what I'm sure it will be a beautiful morning.

See you on the trail,


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