Friday, September 14, 2007

Let the 2nd Tier Battle Begin

My fellow 'Yokee Cosmo over at NH2008 tells us that Sen. Chris Dodd has wagered, against Bill Richardson, a gallon of New England Clam Chowder on his Boston Red Sox winning this weekend's three game series against the New York Yankees.

This is nothing but gotcha politics in hopes of drawing attention to Richardson's Yankeegate. But we are big fans of swagger here at 3Q. Back in the day Governor Richardson made a flub about liking the Yankees, and has been on his horse to prove his Boston allegiance ever since. As I have noted on this site, Bill even went as far as conveniently placing a Sox cap in the background of his Ask Bill spots on youtube.

Doubtful that Dodd will pick up any traction over this. Maybe next time, come playoffs (?), he will make the same bet with Hillary Clinton.

Read about Connecticut's mixed Yankee heritage here. Dodd's hometowns of East Haddam and Willimantic fall within Red Sox Nation according to the Times' map below, while Middletown and Guilford sit precariously close to the fence in Yankee Country.


Bentley said...

I have to add that Richardson had attended the Red Sox no-hitter game not that long ago.

Not being a big sports person, I have to ask... Doesn't CT have divided loyalties between the two teams?

Peace Czar said...

Oh, most certainly. Though assuming that the greatest population density in CT runs along the Greenwich <=> New Haven main line, the Yankee allegiance probably runs deeper.

Even in the aptly titled (and centrally located) Middletown, I'd venture more New York fans. Wesleyan runs contrary, but probably only because so many of our New Yorkers are apathetic hipsters. And the smart ones root for the Mets.

Sufficed to say, Connecticut is the hotbed of Red Sox v. Yankees loyalties. But Dodd makes the right choice.

CB said...

As a west coaster and a one time visitor of Shea Stadium/dater of a Mets girl from Cheshire, Ct, I love the Mets and Jets. So the debate is on I guess...