Monday, September 10, 2007

They Hate Our Freedom

Yesterday in Nashua Fred Thompson re-hashed the old Bushian adage that the terrorists hate our freedoms. That has been, to date, probably my favorite thing George has ever said mostly because it is so easy to mimic in a faux-Bush accent. "They hate our freedumzh." Breathe out between "they" and "hate", do a little shoulder shrug, push your arms forward, lean your head down and squint and next thing you know you're headed for an Emmy nod.

It is also patently absurd. Instead, I want to shine some light on The Sports Guy's off-the-cuff explanation, from Part 2 of last week's NFL preview.

"Next up: Orlando! If you ever wanted to know why the terrorists hate us, just spend a week there and it will all make sense. I've been there twice and there won't be a third time. No wonder Shaq fled for L.A."

Once again, America's Wang.

P.S. Go 'HAWKS!!

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