Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Countdown

Good morning/afternoon. We're blogging pondside here in Concord on a gorgeous autumn Sunday. I have to occasionally fend off the chickens as they try to peck at my oatmeal, but its well worth it to feel the sunlight and hear the breeze hush through the trees, whose leaves are starting to show the tiniest hints of orange.

Even if the campaign weren't going on, I certainly wouldn't mind being up here in the foothills of the Whites.

We're prepping for a big week, highlighted by the Dems debate at Dartmouth on Wednesday. Watch for me on tv in the spin room afterward pretending to take notes as each campaign manager talks about how their candidate clearly represented their bold vision for change in America. I'll be the one all the girls are looking at.

But first we have football. The Seahawks face an important test today at home against a high-powered Bengal team, especially after last week's crushing loss at 'Zona. Luckily, we have Ditka on our side. Last Sunday I was rightfully sweating when he picked the Cards, so I feel much better that he is going with Seattle and the 12th man over the-team-that-gave-up-51-to-the-Browns. Ditka is 26-6 in his football picks this season. What a force!

The real questions is this:

Who wins in a football pool between the city of Las Vegas and Ditka?


See you on the trail.

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