Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Night Highlights

Just wanted to highlight Howard Fineman's take on 'Dem Candidates' from the Harkin Steak Fry. He does well to highlight John Edwards' polished message, Hillary Clinton's professionalism and Bill Richardson's "roguish twinkle" in his eye.

Although Dennis was ditched by the Iowa establishment, here is a nice history of his political career through Cleveland Magazine articles. Especially note the first piece, which tells of his friendship with a chain-biting Polish immigrant and Kucinich's 10 martinis in a half hour feat. Dennis the Menace, indeed!

Meanwhile, New Hampshire has now enacted a smoking ban inside bars. My sweater still smells a little bit like Marlboro Reds from Penuche's, which should take about two months to fully detox, but a positive trend nonetheless. My days of pretending to be a 1960s journalist, sitting at a corner table with a Hendrick's martini and an American Spirit as I frantically clanked out my tales of 3rd tier candidates, may be over but my lungs and clothes are thankful for it.

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