Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Another Point for Dodd

While Politico examines the sickbed that is Joe Biden's campaign, little known 02138 magazine has an interview with Al Gore where he says, "odds are that I will (endorse during the primary)." Coming on the heels of the IAFF endorsement (as well as fellow NH Blogger Vargas) Gore also singularly mentions Chris Dodd, albeit as part of a general failure by the Democrats:

I don’t think anyone has given it the emphasis that it should have. But Chris Dodd deserves credit for proposing a CO2 tax—I’m convinced that we should eliminate the payroll tax and replace it dollar for dollar with a CO2 tax.

In other news, I will be shunning the GOP debate live-blogging scene in order to assert 3Q's dominance on the Concord Pub Trivia circuit. I'll be at the Barley House starting at 8PM (and most every Wednesday hereafter). All bloggers and campaign workers are welcomed to bear witness, and even potentially join the team. Tryouts will be held throughout the month of September, and beginning in October I hope to have formed the team of champions. Bring it, Granite State.


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