Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dartmouth Debate Live Blog Part III

Some obvi thoughts at commercial break:

Its too bad that Gravel is so exasperated all the time. He loses such credibility.

Kucinich started down a slippery slope with that whole Moral law thing.

Richardson is doing his best so far.

Edwards has been good but quiet.

Clinton is getting stomped on so far.

Russert: Why does Bush say Clinton is the best nominee?
Dodd: "If I were Clinton I would be worried" about George "Heckuva Job Brownie" Bush picking her. Follows with a joke about no one knowing him.

Russert: Why shouldn't voters say Clinton doesn't have the judgment re: Iraq and HC to be Pres?
Clinton: standard, "I've learned a lot." "I intend to be the Health Care President."
Russert calls her bill similar to the Lincoln Chaffee bill of '93. She denies.

Biden: "I think it is, unfairly, more difficult for Hillary. They feed on this Clinton/Bush thing. I'm not suggesting this is Hillary's fault, I'm suggesting this is a reality." He then clarifies he is talking about policy (and not blow jobs).
Edwards: "There is no excuse for politicians to have health care when Americans have no health care." Then acknowledges that he has changed his mind since 2004 on UHC. "Anybody who knows me knows we will never give up."

Russert to Obama: challenges him on his inexperience.
Obama: We are at a crossroads. "America 1)needs someone to bring this country together. 2)somebody who can take on the special interests and can win. 3)telling the truth to the American people even when its tough." Again brings up his Iraq judgment. "its about who can inspire the American people... Part of the reason it was lonely, Hillary is because you closed the door."

Russert to Gravel: brings up his bankruptcy and how he can manage the country?
Gravel: calls everyone up there greedy. "I stuck the credit card companies with 90k worth of bills and they deserved it." WOOOOO!

Russert to Kuci: Cleveland went bankrupt under your mayorship.
Kucinich: "I took a stand on behalf of the people of Cleveland to save the municipal electricity system" People later told me I was right. "How many people would be willing to put their job on the line?" eople will see that I have "The ability to take a stand and live with integrity"

Russert goes berserk on Richardson's flubs. How is that good experience?
Richardson: "I've been in public life 25 years...I make mistakes. I admit 'em. The issue is, do I deliver?" No one ever questioned me when I brought back American servicemen. I've received 4 Nobel Peace Prize nominations. I have made mistakes. I will continue to make them." His change and experience line falls a little flat this time, but he is answering pretty honestly. Good mention of him being the only one to negotiate with foreign leaders.

NECN question about gay marriage story read in schools. Would you allow it as part of curriculum?
Edwards: "Yes. Absolutely." Edwards calls gay marriage a generational thing. Interesting response, but kinda weak.
Obama: "You know, I feel very similar to John." Don't be afraid of people who are different. Brings it back to Bush as a fearmonger. "If we feed them hope...reason...tolerance...they will become hopeful and reasonable and tolerant."
Clinton: "I really respect what both John and Barack said." Did she just swipe at Obama about being there for votes?

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