Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dartmouth Debate Live Blog Part II

Hillary is arguing with Russert now over what is hypothetical. Just answer the damn question.

Now they are all talking about Israel/Iran relations in terms of who can attack whom and whether or not Iran will be able to become nuclear.

Alright, Edwards is bringing up the Liebermann-Kyl vote again. "We learned a very different lesson from that (the yes vote)." Oooh, Hillary getting called out! "What I learned is that you cannot give this President the authority. He cannot be trusted"

Richardson: cornerstone of our foreign policy should be not to allow Iran to become Nuclear...the most direct answer yet. First you use diplomacy, then you use sanctions. "I would talk to moderate clerics. I would talk to business leaders." Finally some real talk about foreign policy and not just waffling.
Sancuary Cities

Would you allow these cities to ignore the laws about immigrants.

Richardson: "You ask me because I'm the Hispanic here, but I'll answer it anyway. Yes." He just said his standard stump speech joke about telling Mexico not to give their people roadmaps to easy border crossings. I could see him thinking about making it a big joke....and then hesitating. I understand.
Biden: "The reason the cities ignore the federal law is that there is no federal funding for the law. Rudy giuliani doesn't know what the heck he's talking about. He's the most uninformed person in politics" Ultimately..."No." But an emphatic YES for talking shit to Giuli. I want him to win if only to debate Rudy
Dodd: "You need to allow local communities to do that" in order to take care of quality of life issues.
Kuci: Moral law trumps Federal law.
Obama: I would pass comprehensive immigration reform.
Clinton: Why do they have them to begin with. Getting philo on us.
Gravel: "This whole nation should be a sanctuary for the world. Again we're in fantasy land. We're scapegoating the Latinos in our society." I'm glad someone finally brought that up.


DJ Moodswing said...

I respect Biden for tellin' it like it is, ala my homegirl Etta James.

It is unfortunate that Kuci's "moral law" comment probably went way over the heads of most of America. Too bad we -and our politicians- haven't yet progressed to post-conventional morality.

Peace Czar said...

Too bad the interests and views of the Iraqi people themselves aren't heard. I mean, it's just the Democratic debate:

Fully 98 percent of Iraqis told BBC/ABC pollsters that dividing their country along sectarian lines would be bad for Iraq, and 65 percent said that a quick U.S. withdrawal would not make civil war more likely. But what do they know? They’re just Iraqis.

The wisdom of Joe Biden comes first. Kucinich barely got in a sentence edgewise saying "you're breaking the country apart". He wasn't even given a chance to cite his recent trip to Syria & Lebanon, nor his peacekeeping views for the Middle East.

Does ANYONE else endorse reparations for the Iraqi people?