Friday, September 14, 2007

Newt Sez: Beware the Former First Family

Today Dan Balz's Take over at the Post was all about Newt Gingrich's views on the 2008 campaign. As usual, Newt is pretty spot on in his assessments of power and the pulse of America. Here he cites the immense challenge lined up for the Republicans to defeat Hillary Clinton next fall, presuming she is the nominee. I don't think he is baiting here, I think he really believes it. And I believe it, too. Anyone who questions Hillary's chances in the general election fails to realize the dominance of the Clinton machine. Newt's role these days is in solidifying his legacy both as an oracle for political sentiment and a policy guru. To question whether or not he would risk that in Democrat baiting is a mistake. It's just too bad he knows enough about the crooked role of money in the system to get in and rattle the cages himself from inside the ring.

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