Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dartmouth Debate LiveBlog Part I

So here's the deal, I plan to unleash in increments of 15 or 20 minutes, so keep checking back.
Russert just came on stage. He is telling a story about how his favorite episode of Meet the Press involved Ross Perot. Alright!

I should also mention that they have an unbelievable spread of food and beverage here. I just got me a dragonfruit vitamin water, a some swedish fish and a cup of coffee. Vitamin C + Taurine, baby. I'm ready to go the distance!

Russert does not much around. We're off!

Russert: "Will you pledge that by 2013 there will be no troops left?"

: Waffle. "I believe we should...but I don't want to make promises."
Clinton: Waffle. "It is my goal to have all troops out by 2013." Now she's hyping up the Senate Democrats efforts to end the war. (Boooo!) "We are trying every single day."
Edwards: Waffle. "I cannot make that commitment." The debate will be (ultimately) between a Democrat who wants an end to the war and a Republican who wants to continue it.

Russert to Richardson: how can you do it in one year?
He is stumbling a little as Russert asks him specifically how. He looked great early in the question and is fading.

Dodd: "I will get that done."
Biden: My bill my bill my bill.
Kucinich: "I want the American people to know I can get us out of there in three months."
(gets the first cheers for his date flub. "I'm ready to be President now.")
Gravel: "Vote for cloture every single day."
Gravel just brought up the Liebermann-Kyl bill. "I'm ashamed of you , Hillary, for voting for it!" "And Obama was not even there to vote!"

Clearly, she laughed at him. Groans from the crowd here.

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