Saturday, September 1, 2007

Embedded in New Hampshire

Concord, NH -

Perhaps "embarned" is a more appropriate word. That's right folks, the QuabbinBlogger (or Quabblogger, for short) has now officially set up operations in the Granite State. I write to you now from my new digs in a barn loft overlooking Snow Pond where the geese and herons float around below, grousing at me whenever I set foot outside.

What does that mean?

Besides a possible goose bite this fall and a lot more early morning swims than usual, it means more campaign coverage, more real Granite State tales, and a lot fewer nights out at the bar. Have you experienced the Concord night scene before? It ain't pretty, folks.

It also means fewer breaks in coverage, and quite frankly, if I wasn't a full-time blogger before, then baby I am now!

So get ready for a real New Hampshire Primary experience chock full of press credentials, goat stories, visits to Keene and Plymouth, White Mountains, seacoast evenings, and a helluvalotta truth. Get ready for the Quabbin Qountry Queries: New Hampshire edition. I only hope I can give it to you raw.

That said, tomorrow afternoon we are back with the Clintons. Then if we're lucky, we'll get a little Bill Rich fix after that.

Live from New Hampshire, it's Saturday Night!

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