Thursday, September 20, 2007


Brattleboro, VT -

Folks, we are headed south this evening to take care of some old business back in Quabbin Qountry first thing in the morning before rushing back to the Granite State for a busy weekend of surrogates.

But as many of you know, no trip from Concord to Quabbin is complete without a stop at McNeill's Brewery for a cask conditioned bitter and a half pound of Mocha Joe's French Roast Organic Peruvian blend. I could live off nothing but those two beverages and water for the rest of my life and be happy.

I will try to get something up later this evening in Northampton or tomorrow morning in Keene, but if not I will catch you all later Friday evening with stories galore from the campaign trail.

So long from my home away from home (Brattleboro aka Da Bratt),

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Jeb said...

I had a horrible crack to make here to conclude my comment frenzy, but alas I wished not to tarnish the respectable pages of 3Q. Just think of a play on cask and new meaning to the term ESB and you'll know where I was going. Enjoy the morning spines it'll give you.