Monday, September 24, 2007

More Gore

This time Christopher Hitchens gets down to boozeness and weighs in on, if not advocates, a Gore candidacy. I find it funny that he simultaneously calls Gore on the "right side" of the Iraq issues while calling MoveOn a bunch of cowards and apologists. Methinks they might say something similar about the war. Then again, I haven't read much on Gore's exit strategy. Either way, worth a read.


Julie said...

Gore would be my dream.

Here is your nostalgia:

netto said...

i been telling kraus this for a minute: i don't think gore wants a piece of the clintons.

Peace Czar said...

Hell, I want a piece of the Clintons at this point. Based upon yet another vile Hillary performance last evening, in which she tried to talk down Tim Russert from posing real questions, and finally was forced into directly addressing some issues.

And as Mike Gravel rightfully growled, SHAME on you Hillary for voting to rebuke Tehran. Wicked creature that Hillary is, she mockingly laughed at Gravel's concern and indignation. Doesn't anyone else see the threat?

That cemented my pure anathema for Hillary; disrepecting the one-man-force behind ending the drafting, filibustering Vietnam for 4 months, and reading the Pentagon Papers into the Senate record.

If Gore wants it, and is now the straight shooter we all hope for, he'll have bigger concerns than the petty Clinton dynasty. Bring in SuperGore!