Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Importantly

Even if Newt let us down on the political comeback trail we can take comfort in knowing that Diamond Dave and the Van Halen boys haven't.

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BTB said...

Since I was able, appropriately or not, to weasel in a Diamond Dave post on 3Q I wanted to do my obligatory posthumous plug for the DLR radio show. I used to listen to the show every morning on my way to work when I commuted from Allston to Natick on the MassPike. It was a terrible winter for me because of my shitty corporate job, and that 25 minute commute out to the suburbs was often the only sunlight I got all day long.

Throughout the fall I was an avid fan of the coffeehouse, a folk show on WERS-FM, but as soon as I saw the billboards on Comm Ave. prophecizing the coming of DLR to the Stern morning slot, I waited with glee for the kickoff.

Unlike nearly every dimwitted critic longing for the trashbin of morning zoo radio shows, I thought the DLR show was a breakthrough in radio. He had interesting guests, told stories full of bravado, and actually discussed vaguely intellectual content. He did so with a grain of sugar that made everything unpretentious and fun. His co-hosts were a guitar player who riffed before and after commercials while Dave oohed and ahhhed at the grooves, and his bodyguard Animal who was a great calming presence.

Within weeks the stuffed suits at CBS demanded that he get rid of Brian and Animal, get a new and experienced co-host, and add a bunch of tired old traditional morning radio segments. Roth was pissed, and rightly so. The whole thing started on a slope into the shitter and was canceled after a couple months.

I went back to the coffeehouse in the morning, no big deal, and then quit my job shortly thereafter. I think the bullshit that Roth went through helped me to realize the bullshit I was going through every day at work. It started a sequence of events that has led me up to the Granite State as a full time blogger. So every time I have an article that speaks to you, maybe you can give a little chest pound for Diamond Dave.

Anyway, I just wanted to set the record straight that the David Lee Roth Show had at least one fan, and that I haven't listened to a non-public or college radio show ever since.