Thursday, September 20, 2007

The 3Q HOTTT List

3Q Nation,

We are adding another bold new feature to the Quabbin Homepage, the 3Q HOTTT List.

No, your eyes aren't blurry from one too many Jager shots down at the Green Martini. Well, maybe they are. Either way, that shit is so hot it requires three Ts, kinda like threeqblog (dot com).

Point being, in the upper right hand corner of the blog you will now see a listing of a handful of the hotttest posts from the past week or two.

Who decides which posts are the hotttest? Well, I do.

But I would love your input! Comments help me determine what people are reading, and what they want more of on their daily blog checks.

Even if you say "Yo, word." That is good enough for me. Same goes for "Yo, you're an idiot, BTB. I think Clinton is on point!" That's cool, too.

Remember, your comments are what drives this blog. That, and a burning desire to sniff out the gold nuggets and crusty dregs tumbling down the back of the campaign trail like a starved bloodhound.

Hope you like the new stuff! Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for buying me drinks when you see me out on the town! In return I will be glad to provide anyone here in the Granite State with hours of free stories and insight. Fueled, of course, by the topics on the 3Q HOTTT List.

See you on the trail.

Ya boy,


Peace Czar said...

Clinton will never be on point, but I look forward the HOTTT list regardless.

BTB said...

Ooh, don't speak so soon! Check out my latest post!