Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Want to See Your Bill Maher Grill

You want to see my whaaat? has teamed up with and Yahoo! to bring us an online candidate forum. And in it's constant journey to be the hippest news source HuffPo has decided to call it a Mashup, as if it were some sort of DJ battle or something.

Nevertheless, it is worth your time. The majority of the video covers each of the candidates talks with Charlie Rose about Health Care, Iraq and Education. But the real gold comes from Bill Maher. In a segment called the "Bill Maher Grill", Mr. Maher asks each candidate a Wild Card question. Hilarity ensues.

Although no one really answers his questions, it is interesting to watch how they react. Knowing they have been busted, Edwards and Clinton break out laughing. Biden and Dodd remain earnest as they try to promote substantive policies in spite of the gotcha questions. Gravel carries the day as he pledges to be America's friend by telling us we are fatter and dumber than we used to be.

Most of the *debate* is pure message mavenry, but at least there is a poll to show who has the most active web following!

The entire forum can be seen at


This is too good to let go. More from Maher on HP: "The Republicans should run on that. 'America: You're 230 But We'll Still Fuck You.' Especially if you're a dude."

I'm such a sucker for political sex jokes.

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