Friday, September 7, 2007

Honor and Integrity

Plymouth, NH -

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. Be wary, very wary, of the integrity rap on a Clinton general election candidacy. With more news of crooked supporters, this time a member of her Mayor’s advisory council has been arrested, I can see the twisted slogan now from candidate Romney or candidate Thompson, “Aw, Shucks, Let's Restore Honor and Integrity to the Oval Office.” Not that they should talk, but they will.

Fair or not, it is an issue. And it will only grow into a bigger issue. Hell, we won’t even need to wait for the general. This fall is going to be a battle on the left of corrupt insiders vs. ineffective outsiders. Which frame will the public believe?

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Peace Czar said...

To paraphrase Billy Madison, "I choose POLITICAL ETHICS."

My other comments would just be ugly and counterproductive to your comment wall, so I'll hold my tongue for a provocative piece of artwork instead...