Saturday, September 15, 2007

Clark Endorses Clinton

Wes Clark is endorsing Hillary.

I don't normally pay much attention to endorsements, but this is a special case. I remember waking up with a monster hangover back on November 3, 2004 muttering over and over to myself over eggs and hash browns at the Denver Diner that Clark would have won the election. Then again, I was looking for anything to soothe my jangled nerves at the time.

Clark is an impressive backer for any campaign. But for Hillary he is particularly helpful because he can bring some of the anti-war and veteran vote to the primary that otherwise would have gone elsewhere. Clark has a sizable following in his own right, and brings hefty military credentials to the campaign.

The road to Denver just got even rougher for Edwards and Obama (and Richardson?). Now don't go all Arizona on us, guys.

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netto said...

Clark's message to world: don't mess with The ARK(ansas).

I'm a big Clark fan (valedictorian from West Point, NATO supreme allied commander, etc, etc) but I think his star was tarnished a bit by his half-assed attempt at the democratic nomination in 04. I mean, it was liking he was weakly driving down the lane hoping the ref would call a foul and give him shots from the line. I say: Take it to the hole, Big Man, and throw it Down.

Point being, this isn't a tragedy for the other runners. They're all going to have an important general in their corner.