Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dartmouth Debate LiveBlog Part IV

Alright, Cialis commercial!

Russert: If nothing is done to Social Sec. we will either have to cut benefits in half or double taxes. Why not tax the entire income of every American, not just cap it at 97k?
Biden: "Yes" and claims he is the only one who will do it. Yes! We finally have a Joe Biden 3rd person reference!
Clinton: Skips the question, talks about Bill Clinton. Ooh, but she says George Bush was "Dissing Social Security" when he first ran for congress. Russert gets her to answer the question and says "No". Uh oh, Russert is after her again for saying wrong information. STILL MORE NO INFO!
Obama: "I think lifting the cap is the best option." but then hems a bit.
Dodd: "I don't think you have to go that far." Wait, did he just propose raising the tax levels on the pre-97k earning rates?
Richardson: "No. You don't need to do that. Take privatization off the table. Stop raiding the SS trust fund." Talks about economic growth covering the bases and making America green. He is alone on the stage with that, but I bet scoring points with voters.
Edwards: "You cannot grow your way out of this." Essentially calls Richardson a coward for not telling American people that they have to sacrifice on SS.
Kuci: Raise the cap, lower the age, increase economic growth.

Clinton is back on the Clinton years.

You know, only Richardson and Kucinich are talking about a green economy. THIS BOGGLES MY MIND. Thank you to you two.

Russert: Would you be in favor of a national law to ban smoking in all public places.
Clinton: "We did it in NYC. I think we should be moving toward a bill to regulate tobacco through the FDA. Make them zoning decisions." How is she gonna take credit for the NYC thing? She had nothing to do with it.
Obama: "I think that local communities are making enormous strides and are doing the right thing. I would favor it if not enough progress is being made"
Richardson: I did it New Mexico
Kuci: "I've been breathing a lot of it here tonight."
Oooh, everyone is in favor but the big tow. I think Edwards joined in late.

Is the drinking age too high? BIG CHEERS!!
Biden: "Absolutely no I would no." Talks about alcoholism a major problem in society. Weak sauce.
Dodd: "No, I agree with Joe on this." Come on!
Richardson: "No, I wouldn't lower it." "Fed govt is not providing the leadership on rehab, research and education."
Kuci: yes. Respect the decision making abilities of citizens. Drinking age to 18, voting age to 16.
Gravel: "Anybody who should be able to die for this country should be able to drink."

Easy for them to talk shit about it, they could drink when they were 18. What a crock. Thank you to Gravel and Kucinich for straight talk.

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netto said...

My roommate has commandeered the TV to watch Deal or No Deal, yet thanks to this blog I feel like I'm there. Thanks, Boatswain.

TWO thoughts:

a. I love Tim Russert. How would you grade his job as narrator?

b. What happened to Obama? I thought he was supposed to be the man. He's more like the Todd Van Poppell of candidates right now.
c. (bonus thought) Biden = realness.
d. Good point about the lack of green economy chatter. What has happened to our nation's politics where we don't even get pandering about the hot (pun intended) topics?