Thursday, November 15, 2007

Vegas Live Blog aka LOVE Blog Part II

Concord, NH -

*What a silly start-up, asking Clinton what she thinks about being called a "parser". Oh, thats not a wool jacket, its sparkly Vegas style! She's even got some shiny bling on her neck. Even her lipstick sparkles. Vegas, baby!

*Blitzer just asked Obama now to clarify Clinton. Ooh, this is rough. This is more of a gotcha question than we've seen. Barack is semi-prepared to answer. He spun it back to new politics, which is his best bet.

*Clinton glares and now gets the chance to respond. Zings him on not having universal health care in the frame of the 4 early states. Brings it back around to her as the fighting candidate.

*Obama gets cheers for shutting down the mandate thing on HC. Damn, now it is just a two-man fight. I bet Edwards comes in swinging. I guess its good that we are weighing health care, but this seems like a waste of time. Hillary looks pleased.

*Edwards repeats his claim about people not being perfect from last debate. He also talks about returning truth to the Presidency. That, ironically, is Bush in a good way.

*This is about to get out of hand! Biden just got some screen time. He is completely incredulous. Clinton is calling everything mud, claiming attacks to be out of the Republican playbook.

*Biden "don't let me speak! American people don't give a darn about the things that are going on up here." Talks about the real worries of the American people. Uh oh, he just said "Who among us" 3 times. Yes! John Kerry all over again. At least he didn't say "who among us does not love NASCAR?"

*Edwards gets accused of being a flip-flopper, brings it back to poverty. People in the bar are groaning. They must be rich.

*Biden is scoring points by having everybody refer to him. Also, everybody has red eyes. Dry desert air, or they hotboxed the prep room.

*Richardson just calls Edwards for starting a class war, Obama a generational war, Clinton won't end the war. "Give peace a chance." What were the Vegas odds on Kucinich not being the first person to say that?

*Edwards plant joke bombed. Yes! Kucinich supports with reservation.

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