Tuesday, November 20, 2007

November Madness

Concord, NH -

Now that we are less than fifty days away from what will probably be the New Hampshire Primary, we here at 3Q are bringing back the November Madness edition of Road to the Nomination, our NCAA Tournament-style ranking of the Democratic and Republican candidates. For some background, please see my original March Madness posts from last winter, both Democrats and Republicans.

Things have changed a lot in the last ten months on the GOP side in part due to a large number of late starters, has-beens and never-would bes. On the other hand the Dems have been almost completely static. So to mix it up we have added some commentary on how each bracket might shape up. Feel free to comment on the seedings and the wisdom. Enjoy.


BTB said...

When I typed those words, I literally couldn't believe that it has been ten months since my original Road to the Nomination posts. Things have changed so much. Back then I was just watching the news, reading Frank Rich every Sunday, anxiously awaiting The Fix's monthly candidate rankings, coaching the high school track team and hoping to meet cute college girls while I wrote campaign news analysis down at the bar and drank up hundreds of different beers at the Moan and Dove.

Now here I am sitting in a cold barn in New Hampshire with two inches of snow outside in the yard, not much money in the bank account, and I'm debating taking a shower right now or going for a quick run first before I drive up to Laconia to watch Barack Obama at the site of my first candidate visit. I still write at the bars. Last night I spent three hours at Penuche's clacking out all three Road posts and the one on EE. But the only college girls in Concord are the ones home for break. The beers aren't as varied, but they are a hell of a lot cheaper. And that's a good thing.

I'm still drinking coffee out of a French press, but its Mocha Joe's instead of Rao's. I'm eating instant oatmeal instead of having a scone from the Black Sheep. I still go into school, but Concord High is a far cry from the shoddiness and poverty of Morgan School.

TMI, I know. But that shit just hit me like a ton of damn bricks.

Jeb said...

a) good point about spam deletion.

b) i think i told you that i totally dig this bracket idea back when you had it originally, but maybe not.

c) without your blog i would effectively know nothing about politics.

d) without you i would effectively enjoy life less.

happy thanksgiving indeed.