Thursday, November 15, 2007

Vegas Debate Live Blog aka LOVE Blog, Part I

Concord, NH -

Greetings from the Barley House here on beautiful and wide Main Street in the heart of downtown. Conc City was booming tonight, and I had to park two blocks away. Let me tell you, folks, the mercury has dropped hard in the last few hours. This afternoon I was sweating on a 5-miler with nothing but shortie shorts and a tight t-shirt, and just now I went coatless from car to bar and I'm still making typos from shivering so much. O Granite Winters!

Bruce Hornsby is on the speakers here. I'm officially psyched!

Speaking of icons, happy birth anniversary to Ol' Dirty Bastard aka Dirt McGirt aka Ol' Dirty Chinese Restaurant.

Also, happy birthday to Bill Richardson. (in case you haven't noticed, I've started typing a few minutes before the debate is starting).

We've just been overcome by a slew of Obama people. I don't know if they are staffers or volunteers or what, but there are at least ten of them, all wearing "O" logo stickers. Pretty diverse crew. We'll see how rowdy they get.

WOOOOO We're On.

Gotta love the Edwards pursed lip smile and stiff-armed wave. Textbook Edwards move. Textbook!

They are introducing all the candidates one by one with a handshake. I like it.

Clinton really sticks out in the gray wool jacket. Isn't it like a hundred degrees in the desert? Meanwhile, CNN just cut over to a talking head. Fuck you, CNN, just let the people talk.

Ok, next blog will start it.

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