Thursday, November 15, 2007

Vegas Debate Live Blog aka LOVE Blog Part III

Conc City, NH -

*What a big mess over this illegal immigrant driver's license thing. It has been 5 minutes long.

*Gotta love Kooch saying "thank you" for his applause.

*Dodd just put the teacher merit pay thing very well. Also, props for advoccating for an entire education debate.

*Kooch "I'm the candidate of workers...I remember where I came from."

*Richardson puts some more heat on Ed. Him and Dodd are the only ones who actually seem to know anything about education.

On a side note, hearing this shit pisses me off.

*Biden argues against merit pay based on "who makes the decision?"

*Richardson is tacking hard left tonight. He just said he would put human rights ahead of security. He also traded his budget priorities pin for a US Flag. Probably because they endorsed JRE. "If we're on the side of Democracy and human rights, then US interests are preserved." Great line. Howard Dean is loving it. "Our strength as a nation is our values."

Human Rights vs. Nat'l Security
*"The concepts are not contradictory. They are complimentary." - Obama. Bout time someone said that.

*Clinton again brings it back to Bush.

*Richardson's tone has changed since the last debates, too. Less wooden, more emotional.

*Koochie's dropping bombs. Does America really have a tin ear? Richardson's one dead American is too much didn't get much of a response, either.

*The fact that we have gone from horrific violence to intolerable violence is not acceptable - BHO

*Kucinich calling on everyone to take responsibility for their votes. Too bad no one believes that. Regarding Chinese trade act "You're a trial lawyer, you knew better. This is a fact. I'm not backing down from this."

*First point for Wolf: "was Ross Perot right?" re: NAFTA. Clinton tries to joke it off.

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