Wednesday, November 21, 2007

January 8, 2008

Portsmouth, NH -

You heard it here first! Actually, you probably heard it here fourth or fifth, but who cares? I felt obligated to mention it even though I am hardly NH's source for breaking news. I am NH's source for heart-breaking news.

While the date of the Primary is a very important thing, I would like to direct you to something entirely unimportant. These three "Official statements" were stinking up my inbox when I just turned on the Toshiba at Breaking New Grounds in Portsmouth. Please use my comments section to guess who said what!!!

1)"I support New Hampshire's special role in the primary process, and I look forward to discussing the imporant issues in this race with Granite State voters over the next 47 days."

2)“The New Hampshire Primary plays a vital role in our Democracy. It allows voters to get to know the candidates up close—to ask tough questions and see who is trustworthy to lead this country forward. We’ve built an unmatched grassroots organization in New Hampshire, and we’re looking forward to sending a clear message on Primary Day that the American people want change they can believe in.”

3)“I am pleased that New Hampshire will retain its rightful place as the first-in-the-nation primary. I applaud Bill Gardner's work to protect New Hampshire's significance in our nominating process. The New Hampshire primary is critical because voters in New Hampshire take their responsibility seriously: they listen to the candidates, look them in the eye, ask them tough questions and size them up. In New Hampshire, ideas truly matter more than money and that is precisely why this is anyone's race.

“I look forward to campaigning across New Hampshire during the final weeks of this campaign. I have spent time in living rooms and town halls in every corner of the state and everywhere I go, I hear from voters that they're looking for real, meaningful change in Washington next November. From now until January 8, I look forward to continuing to meet with voters to talk about my plans to shake up Washington and restore the power of government to the hands of regular, hardworking people.”


Vince said...

did mike vick aka ron mexico say all of them?

BTB said...

Statements were released from Ron Mexico through a prison spokesperson.

But seriously, here are the answers to the lame questions.