Thursday, November 15, 2007

Vegas Debate Live Blog aka LOVE Blog part V

Concord, NH -

Looks like we got some chairs for part two. Bring on the leg crossing. They just showed a nice moment between Dodd and Kuci. Sweet. Also, for those not watching, warrants mentioning that after Kuci called Edwards a trial lawyer, Edwards retorted "I don't know what that has to do with anything" and Kooch yelled from across the way "product liability." "Cute, that's cute." was Johnny's reply. Hey-o!

*Bold, a 3-tour vet just said "our troops need to come home now." How will they react? Can Kooch and Rich capitalize??

*Biden is blaming it on the process. Calls for impeachment if Iran happens.

* Ooh, Hillary just stood up for her Iran vote. Bold again. "You were in Iraq, you know that the Iran national guard helped to kill Americans."

*Edwards "we've seen this movie. We know how it turns out."

*Obama is the only one talking about troop families and the burden they bear. Duh!! That is part of war. Everyone should cite this. Kudos to him. He is again trying to reiterate that he is different than Clinton on talking to leaders.

*They skipped Rich and Kooch on that last one. Unbelievable. What a softball. Way to make it look like a big referendum and then only ask the people who are only quasi-anti-war. Bullshit, CNN.

*The next woman, btw, I think is a hard Richardson leaner if technically undecided.

*Kucinich "thats because I read it." re: being the only one on the stage who voted against Patriot Act. Wolf just asked him again if others bear responsibility. Clearly, Kooch already said that. "Just imagine what it will be like to have a President who is right the first time."

*"facts are funny thing, they get in the way" - Biden...oh, Biden you should have turned that into a joke. Kuci just sits there with smug satisfaction.

*Richardson just missed a chance to speak Spanish. But he did just crack a joke about HMOs being more popular than congress. "We should stop demonizing immigrants." He snuck in his "maps to border crossing" jokes.

*Yes, Dodd nailed it! Spoke DERRRRTY Spanish.

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