Wednesday, November 28, 2007

GOP YouTube Love Blog part 2


Giuliani just got loudly booed on a gun question. Man, he's getting trounced tonight.

Just left for ten minutes to go hear Joe Biden speak. He's earnest as hell today.

What should the punishment be for abortion for women and doctors?
What a stupid question. Old West. Dodge City.

Another abortion question. Giuliani just said he wouldn't sign a federal abortion ban, he's send it to the states.

"I would welcome a circumstance" where that happened. "I'd be delighted to sign it" - Romney
What a pander.

Death Penalty: What would Jesus Do?
"It was the toughest decision I've ever made" - Huckabee, yet goes on to stand up for the penalty. Tries to explain how that works with pro-life stance. "Jesus was too smart to ever run for public office."

Do you believe every word of the bible?
Giuliani, no.
Romney: "absolutely." He is trying as hard as he can to be the anti-Rudy.

commercial break.

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