Saturday, November 10, 2007

1984, 2004, 2008?

Portsmouth, NH -

I just caught this nugget about Clinton using plants at her Iowa events. Busted!

The story was first reported by Patrick Caldwell, a junior at Grinnell College and the features editor of The Scarlet and Black college newspaper. He reported that student Muriel Gallo-Chasanoff was approached by the campaign to ask a question. She told the reporter that "they wanted a question from a college student." She also said that she "noted that staffers prompted Clinton to call on her and another who had been approached before the event

That, my friends, is some George W. Bush shit. And based on the softballs coming from youngsters in Nashua on Thursday, it wouldn't surprise me at all if the plantings were going down in the Granite State, as well.

"Umm, are you going to do anything to stop global warming?"

"Ahh, thanks, Suzy, for asking such an important question!"

Ready for Change?

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netto said...

i wonder how many other bush-type tactics hrc has in her quiver.