Wednesday, November 28, 2007

GOP YouTube Love Blog Part 4

Manchester, NH -

Candidates are getting called out for Don't Ask Don't Tell policy by a retired Brig. General.

McCain continually dodges questions about policy by saying we have brave troops and the best army ever. Just a note.

Huckabee just suggested Hillary be on the first space trip to Mars. Wild applause.

Tancredo points out that we can't be spending money going to Mars when our deficit is so big.

Anyone else see the irony in Rudy talking about how to attract African-American voters? isn't he the most hated politician by minorities in America?

A question about the confederate flag? Anderson misspeaks, calls it stars and bars

Looks like that last question has Romney pandering anew, but at least he rails against the Confed. flag.

Paul's video is awesome. Footage of rallies and supporters and freeway overpass signs.

Giuliani just whined when he got challenged.

"This country is in a revolution. They're sick and tired of what they're getting. And I happen to be lucky enough to be part of it"- Paul

Classic, they end with a stupid baseball question. Gimme a break.

Also, I should mention that I am at a college conference and there are only ten people watching the debate. I'm off to find an after party. See you later.


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BTB said...

Just FYO, I did not find an after party. Manchester is deader than the Duncan Hunter candidacy. Good God, New Hampshire. Liven up!!!