Thursday, November 15, 2007

Vegas Debate Live Blog aka LOVE Blog Part VI

Barley House, NH -

*Clinton "blah blah blah Bush. blah blah blah Bush." Ahh, the spoils of the frontrunners.

*"This is the sort of thing I would expect from Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani. Using terms like a trillion dollar tax cut [increase]. This is the top 6% this is not the middle class." - Obama re: Clinton's refusal to bump the SS tax cap.

*There have been some wack ass commercials during the debate. Maybe I just don't watch enough tv, and most commercials are like this...but I'm consistently creeped. out.

* "I want someone who ran for dog catcher." Biden re: Supreme Court justice "The next person on a Biden bench is going to be a woman."

*Kuci "A president has to be a healer...we can make abortions less necessary if we have a healer in the White House."

*Clinton does well to liken right to privacy to free speech and religion. Then she sucks up to Biden. Good strategy.

*Obama does well to say that the court protects those who are vulnerable.

*It is so crucial if you grew up like I did in the segregated South...judges who had some backbone (fifth time saying backbone). That's the kind of courage the strength we need in a Supreme Court Justice." JRE

*"Republicans are afraid of taking on Bush. I'll bring 'em around. I've done it." - Biden

*"All my life I've brought people together." Richardson also calls it "this administration." instead of mentioning Bush by name.

*And we close with a diamonds v. pearls question? BS! At least throw out a Prince reference.

*Well, its all over. I liked that CNN went 10 minutes over time to make up for the late start. Instant reactions aren't always the best, and I don't have too many.

Clinton was better than last time, returning to her style of speaking clearly and
directly and attacking her opponents. She also benefited from fewer questions. Obama was up and down with a few great points and a few weak points. Edwards didn't go over well, it sounds like nobody really wants any highlighted differences. Richardson talked his way into more time than he was given, tacked left a lot, but seemed to do better than he usually does. Biden is always strong, and was probably even stronger than usual. Dodd was also up and down. Kooch throws bows, but probably only with the potential of gaining 1-2%.

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