Monday, November 26, 2007

Horton Hears a Who

Snow Pond, NH -

Keeping with the trend of Massachusetts governors running for President aligning themselves with fugitive criminals. In 1988 it was Michael Dukakis and William Horton, who committed a crime on a prison furlough program overseen by Gov. Dukakis.

It became a major campaign commercial during the general election when the Bush flunkies called him Willie in order to be more racially divisive and Bush advisor-turned-FOX News Chief Roger Ailes saw it like this, "the only question is whether we depict Willie Horton with a knife in his hand or without it."

Now fast forward twenty years and a man named Daniel Tavares has been accused of killing two people while on bail in Washington state. Better still, the judge who granted Tavares leave was a Romney appointee, and did so without requiring bail.

Romney, not wanting to appear soft on crime, instantly called for the judge to step down, having not been the law and order type he had predicted she would be. Giulaini, meanwhile, jumped on this to further present his own image as a crime fighter.

Want some icing on the cake?

Edward Ryan Jr., a past president of the Massachusetts Bar Association, said the judge made the correct call based on state law "and for Romney to call for her to resign is nothing more than political expediency."

"If Romney had any courage, he would stand up and say this judge did the right thing," Ryan said. Prosecutors "offered no facts other than to refer to his record" in arguing for him to be held on bail.

Any courage? That's rough chatter, and far more damaging to Mitt's image than a freak accident about a criminal and a judge.

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