Sunday, October 14, 2007

Straw Poll Paul

Snow Pond, NH -

Reports are in that Ron Paul has won yet another straw poll, this time at Nevada's Conservative Leadership Conference.

Paul - 32%
McCain - 17%
Hunter - 15%

Not only does this lend credence to the Ron Paul relevance theory, as evidenced by his straw poll dominance, but it carries some importance because it is one of the first times that Duncan Hunter has scored above the margin of error. He obviously has no shot at the nomination, but will a 10%+ showing in the Western states play a spoiler role in a divided primary?

Moreover, I want to weigh in on the screed caused by Romney's "Republican wing of the Republican party" comment. CNN stole my thunder when they juxtaposed that story with the one about Leo and Clooney set to work on a Howard Dean movie. Let's be honest, can you honestly tell me that Hollywood Mitt wasn't having visions of Matt Damon playing him in a high profile 2012 movie about an early front-running candidate who represents the ____ wing of the ____ party? Seriously. Mitt would love to be President, but I bet he would be content with the consolation prize of a movie about his life and candidacy, maybe called Blowin' in the Wind or something like that.

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netto said...

and how about David Brooks in the NYT today talking about Huckabee's chances?