Monday, October 15, 2007

Just When You Thought It Was Safe...

Tilton, NH -

Hate to be such a media regurgitator, but I am working on a couple of longer pieces here at 3Q that just seem to be never ending. In the meantime, what I post is what I think ought to be heard.

So just when you thought it was safe to put all your lockbox jokes in a...lockbox, check this out: Al Gore has posted three brief videos on his Current TV addressing the issues of health care, troop removal and the abuse of executive power.

But wait, we are all so convinced that he isn't running, right?

Could it be that he is just trying to impact the race from the sidelines by scaring the Democratic frontrunners into taking more legitimate positions on the issues, and start doing a better job of leading on the things that more and more Americans care about - single payer health care, abolishing the Patriot Act and removing the troops and ending the war?

Or is he preparing for a blind side right when the media and primary scrutiny on Hillary hits it's apex?

Either way, Democrats, when Goracle speaks it is wise to listen.

Ol' Al Gore, as they say down at Red State, sure seems to have his finger on the "current" of America's heart beat.

Credit is due to the Peace Czar for alerting me to the Current links.

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CB said...

Damn BTB, if Al entered the race, the Hillary - Gore shit-talking would be some damn good tv. Clinton (Mr.) is probably funneling some of the campaign funds to Gore to keep him out!