Thursday, October 18, 2007

Notes from Conference Call with Bill Richardson

Concord, NH -

I just sat in on a media conference call with Governor Bill Richardson to discuss 4 major threats of the 21st century. I missed bits and pieces, but here are my notes. I gotta run off to work. Back to blog more later.

P.S. I asked the third question. Woo hoo!

4 major threats of the 21st century
refugees, climate change, endemic diseases and ______
(global poverty?)
Marshall Plan includes....
reform UN

How has Iraq changed people's opinions on internationalism?
"I believe it has heightened the American public's interest in postive engagement"

Exert public leadership on climate change.
They want to see America do the right things.
Resources waste on Iraq an issue
soured on iraq but not international relations

How does this plan set you apart from your rivlas?
Lays out specificity on what you would do
not only do I lay out a broad agenda but I would do more

What about Iraqi refugees? Would you allow more into US, would you seek to urge our allies to do the same?
yes, I would definitely increase and facilitate
its a nightmare, huge senseless blockages of red tape
I would also urge other countries besides Jordan
I would have an aggressive policy

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Anonymous said...

Is he truly capable of all of this? Only time could tell...