Monday, October 1, 2007

3rd Quarter

Here are the best guesses so far of the third quarter fundraising totals. All figures are for the primary only, and in millions of dollars.

Kucinich - 1
Huckabee - 1
Dodd - 1.5
Biden - 2
McCain - 5
Paul - 5.08
Richardson - 5.2
Edwards - 7
Thompson - 8
Romney - 9.5 + 8.5 personal loan
Giuliani - 10.5
Obama - 19
Clinton - 22

Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee sees money through a different lens. He hasn't released his third quarter statistics yet, but on his latest stop through Concord he paid $400 for a haircut at a local salon that gives the extra $388 to autism research. Huckabee quipped that he would pay more than $400 if the barber cut add some hair to his head.

More to the point, Huckabee commented on his relative thrift, haircuts aside, compared to his rivals, "frankly if I had to raise the kind of money, and if I spent that kind of money, and I wasn't any higher in the polls, I'd go home and cry my eyes out tonight."

So there you go, less focus on fundraising equals less stress (and fewer votes, but who's counting?). You can take that to the bank!

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