Thursday, October 11, 2007

Back to School

I enjoyed this brief from Richardson's school stop in Manchester today, notably the following passage:
His plan for healthcare may have got lost in translation, but when the New Mexico Governor stated he would get rid of junk food in schools. A monumental groan swept over the room. One eight year old saying, “I don’t like that.”

Although the Governor’s classroom audience was below the legal voting age,
he found a way to ask for their support.

“You got to tell your mom and dad. More so than your friends,” he said

It reminded me of Billy Madison*. Oh yeah.

What do you think about that, Mr. Blue Duck?
That's quack-tastic!

By the way, I've been thinking. On the grand political scale of things, what weighs heavier, the positive of working in a bi-partisan manner to pass a bill about the partitioning of Iraq for political purposes...or the negative of doing so with Sam Brownback? I've been drifting toward the latter ever since the GOP debate.

*Campaign fun fact: Adam Sandler is from Manchester, NH**

**Campaign lame fact: He is a Giuliani donor.

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Jeb said...

funnily enough (pun unintended i swear) i really respect sandler so much less with that knowledge.