Monday, October 29, 2007

Didja Hear the One About?

Snow Pond, NH -

Now that Iowa is neatly and officially tucked into January 3rd, the Post had an article basically saying, well, now we're really just waiting on ol' Bill Gardner. But I think this has been one of the best when will it be? articles yet. Not only does Ed O'Keefe refrain from subtle digs at a December primary, but he shows Gardner warmly reminiscing about primaries past and future.

"I like the open process. I like the opportunity for any person's son or daughter to someday grow up and be president, and that there be a place that allows for individuals who want to try to become president to actually be able to do that," Gardner said.
And he thinks of the time Democrat Gary Hart arrived in his office and dropped bags full of 1,000 one-dollar bills, after asking New Hampshire residents to donate cash towards his application fee.

As for the current presidential campaign, Gardner said: "It's certainly not decided."

Better still is the news out of Gerald Ford's posthumous book, Write It When I'm Gone. In it he calls Bill Clinton a sex addict, and recounts a story from when they first met at Ford's Colorado home.
"I'll tell you one thing: he didn't miss one good-looking skirt at any of the social occasions," Ford said. "He's got a wandering eye ... He isn't very subtle about his interest."

"I'm convinced that Clinton has a sexual addiction. He needs to get help -- for his sake. He's already damaged his presidency beyond repair," Ford said.

I am always in favor of time capsule books like this, especially when the time alloted for the capsule is less than a year. Ford did a classy and important thing by telling the world his feelings, while respecting the office by keeping mum in life. Plus, Reuters dropped a pretty hilarious title in their coverage: "For Gerald Ford, Dead Men Do Tell Tales."

The idea of Clinton as a sex addict is great. A lot of men consider themselves to be such a thing at one point or another, but I'm not sure we really can fathom it. But when an addiction expert like Betty Ford weighs in, it makes it that much more palatable. Certainly man can be addicted to greed, gluttony and ganja. Why not lust? Hell, I'm putting myself on notice.

These are the things people should be reading about.

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