Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Drexel Debate Live Blog II

Concord, NH -

9:43 Long quotation read from Giuliani about Clinton's lack of executive experience.

9:46 "Hillary just gave an example of not turning the page." - Obama. The Barley House erupts! Talks more about transparency. "That's a fight they're comfortable having." re: Republicans obsessed with Clinton. That one silenced the bar here in Concord. Applause. Wow, Obama finally steps up!

9:48 Hate to get all fleshy here, but Edwards has a weird curly-Q going on with his hair, but "I believe in Santa Claus and I believe in the tooth fairy, but I don't think thats gonna happen" about Hillary raising so much money and actually fixing something.

9:52 Hell, even if they had invited Gravel he wouldn't have gotten any face time. Its all ClinEdwAma.

9:53 Richardson said today he wouldn't go negative and he's flaunting it right now. Saber rattling. But he is sticking to his guns and trying to separate himself by focusing on his record. "I trust Sen. Clinton, but I don't agree with her on a number of issues." She was smiling.

9:56 Dodd doing a great job of citing his partnership with Republicans.

9:57 I am not perfect, nor do I claim to be. - Edwards. I completely disagree with what Bill said.
People vs. Powerful. Is this resonating? He is the only one saying it. "Are you willing to look your children in the eye tongiht and say 'I'm gonna turn this mess over to you.'"

9:58 Rep. Kucinich you're smiling, why? - BW Again settling his differences. Way to go. People need to hear this. "if we don't do this tonight this debate is a total flop."

10:00 "There's only 3 things he mentions in a sentence, a noun a verb and 9/11" - Biden, of course. I've been waiting for a Rudy jab. B-House erupts. Now its Biden's turn to say Fuck you to Richardson, ends a sentence with ", man." Classic Biden.

10:09 Question, are you fearful about Obama/Osama? "No, because I have confidence in the American people"...then zings Romney.

Commercial break.

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