Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Drexel Debate Live Blog

Concord, NH -

Greetings from the Barley House. I'll be quasi-live blogging the debate here. Yeah, a debate at the bar. Who else wants to say that NH shouldn't be the first state to vote? That's what I thought.

We're off!

9:03 It was almost painful to hear Obama "go after" Clinton on the first question. What a shitty way for him to have to start. You can't really start off well with a question like that. Talk about tail wagging the dog. He should have just gone after her, and not warned the press beforehand.

9:05 Clinton tries to defend herself by saying the Republicans hate her, therefore she isn't like them.

9:07 Edwards stands behind the word "double talk." Alright. I love it when candidates take stands.

9:09 Clinton has been smiling all night. Looks like the pollsters have told her to stop laughing.

9:09 First glimpse of a non-Obama-Clinton-Edwards candidate as the camera accidentally pans wide and shows Fighin' Joe Biden.

9:14 "It plays into this whole urban legend that the US is on a crusade against Islam." - Joe Biden, when speaking about the consequences of the Senate's actions. "Big nations can't bluff."

9:16 Still have neither seen nor heard Richardson and Kucinich.

9:19 "So the way to do that is to vote on a resolution written by the neocons? Have any of y'all read this thing?... You stand up to them. You say No." Rattling the saber. Oooh, Clinton stares straight at her opponents when they talk about her. Doesn't phase Edwards.

9:21 Once again, Richardson is the only one to bring up moderate Iran. This is KEY!! he still seems a little nervous. Saber rattling. That's 2. Ooh, 3.

9:23 Kucinich reiterates that he is the only one to vote against the war. This is good, but he also repeats international law. Thats not going to get him anywhere. Time for us to stand up for the Constitution. (applause)

9:25 Way to go Obama! Bitchslaps Tim's stupid question to get them to pledge to stop Iran from getting nukes. Now that is the politics of hope. Can the cynicism of the MSM.

9:27 Iran v. Pakistan - "It's not close." Biden. Droppin' it on the overhype of Iran.

9:28 Dodd gets in a Fuck you glance at Richardson when he says he negotiated with El Salvador.

9:29 Richardson is putting nuts on table. His Bill Barloon in the crowd line didn't seem to get the response he hoped.

9:30 Yes! Kuci's taking on the media, too. Drop dead, MSNBC! Ooh and he's talking nuclear power with Iran. No one ever mentions this. You hear that Republicans? Lead on the issue.

9:32 "I oppose the war. But...." who else, Clinton.

9:35 "If you believe we don't need a timetable then Sen. Clinton's your candidate." who else, Edwards. "Are we gonna hear, if I had known then what I know now?"

9:37 Clinton is calling Iraq a "semantic difference" and in a way she is right, unfortunately. Not enough people say End it Now!

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netto said...

btb, you hit the nail on the head with obama: he should have just gone not after, not talked about going after her.