Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Terrorist Hate

Snow Pond, NH -

I have a theory. Rudy Giuliani is using this primary election to bolster his chances at becoming the next POTUS by increasing the chances of a terrorist attack, while simultaneously casting himself as the terrorist fighter. The Post reported yesterday on Rudy's hotel room spending, which included a two grand stay in West Virginia, a four grand stay outside of San Diego, and a FIVE grand stay in San Francisco. Five thousand dollars...for a NIGHT. I'm sorry, but the sex with Judy can't possibly be worth that much.

"I don't give a damn whether he's staying at Motel 6 or Ritz Carlton," said one Giuliani bundler. "What I care about is where he is in the polls."

You're a bundler. Of course you think that.

If news of this were to ever reach a desperately poor Iraqi whose family had just been killed by a bomb and was wavering about whether or not to become a terrorist, I bet dollars to donuts that this would tip him over the edge.

So there you have it. More gratuitous behavior from Giuliani. More terrorists. More fear. More Giuliani. Hey, its a strategy.

Then on the other side we have....Bernie!

Robert Frank, a Wall Street Journal reporter, has detailed the lives of the rich and famous in the book Richistan. He writes that households with a net worth of between $100 million and $1 billion last year spent an average of $182,000 on watches. Meanwhile, in the real world, 400,000 qualified students were unable to go to college because they lacked the funds.
Eat the rich.

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