Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Drexel Debate Live Blog IV aka Love Blog IV

Concord, NH -

BW Promises a tougher lightning round.

10:46 Another Biden joke about staying in time.

10:49 Richardson say "I have a specific proposal" looks like the handlers finally got to him and said not to say "I have a plan"

10:50 A question about airlines? WTF? Maybe my poor ass just hasn't flown in too long, but I'm surprised this is worthy of a debate question.

10:51 Russert's tie makes him look like a prep school teacher.

10:52 Fill the vacuum is the new Saber Rattling. I should know, my students call me Mr. Vacuum (Bissell, get it?)

10:53 Clinton tried to run away ...AGAIN. Christ, take a fucking stand the first time around!

10:54 "Do you, the NY Senator, support his plan?" Russert zings. As if she needed to be reminded who she was.

10:55 "Sen. Clinton said two things in the course of about two minutes" - Edwards. Compares her to Bush/Cheney

10:56 Can't tell if she was for it or against it. - Obama. Kerry, anyone? But then he kind of two-faces himself.

10:57 Russert calls Kuci on the UFO thing. Though he mucks up his answer. His office is in Dover, not Exeter.

10:58 Obama swings it back to life on earth needing to be better taken care of.

10:59 Clinton - "I'm gonna do everything I can." I think that's the tenth time she's said that.

11:00 Kudos to Dodd for speaking some truth to marijuana incarceration.

11:01 "If I were President I'd flat shut it down" re: Chinese toys, Biden.

11:02 for Halloween Obama - Mitt Romney mask...has two sides to it. I wish they would have asked everyone, That could have been funny.

Analysis -
Obama - had a slow start, but had the best lines of the night.
Edwards - hit hard, but I wonder how people respond to it.
Clinton - by far her worst performance. Seriously. Didn't answer anything. Got hit by most people.
Richardson - widely ignored, and had too much trouble keeping in the lightning round but once again actually brought up good policies.
Biden - had some of the best laugh lines, but widely ignored. His second Rudy references was forced.
Dodd - not his best performance. The Drivers license thing might help him, but it almost looked like he felt picked on.
Kucinich - did a good job early, why doesn't he say "I'm the only real Progressive here"? If he was a Repub he would say Conservative at least 25 times. Got fucked on the UFO thing, but nearly pulled it off by saying more people saw UFOs than support Bush. Russert well prepped to say only 14% seen them.

Debate was boring at times, when bogged down with SS stuff, but not bad overall.

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