Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Drexel Debate Live Blog III aka Love Blog III

Concord, NH -

10:13 Just called a friend, there are About 250 people at the Gravel alternative debate in Philly.

10:17 Rattle Saber. This time Joe Biden.

10:18 Edwards rehashes We Have to be patriotic about something other than war. Haven't heard that in a while.

10:19 "Everyone knows that the war in Iraq was about oil" - Kuci. Saber rattling! If he says constitution one more time he will surpass Ron Paul's record. Wow, he just called for impeachment and called Bush unworthy!

10:21 Richardson again getting smart and talking about renewables and sacrifice.

10:22 Dodd brings up the carbon tax.

10:25 "My view is we didn't need a surge in Baghdad, we needed a surge in New Orleans" Ed

10:27 Clinton tried to just say she didn't know the specifics of Rangel's tax law. Bullllll shit. "I never thought Bill and I would be in that bracket, to be honest" Bulllllll shit. Also, this is way longer than 30 seconds. "There's a lot of moving parts." Man, she won't pin down anything.

10:30 "Its either the largest building in the world or the biggest tax rip-off in the world, and I think we know which one that is" - good line from Obama

10:32 Kuci is doing kind of a cool inverted "V" thing with his hands as he talks about the upward movement of our policies.

10:34 Edwards just said that Wal-Mart lobbied against a container ship security bill - dig on corporate America and Clinton. Man, container ship shit should be a way bigger deal. I'm gonna write a movie about it. Just watch.


10:35 Richardson commits to more school time. Also sounds exasperated that edu finally comes up. Williams is being a wimp on keeping time.

10:37 Kuci - Country that stands for peace, global warring and global warming. Again a wimp.

10:39 Edwards - Two Public School systems.

10:40 Dodd - Ed is the answer to every single problem.

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netto said...

The way I see it:

I liked Dodd's performance and his demeanor.

I like how Kuci was straight up with the "we're in Iraq for oil."

If I was starting a country from scratch I'd probably pick Biden to be my president. I just get the feeling he is the best statesmen up there. I also nominate his comments towards Rudy as the best trash talk of the night.

I think I'm kind of Edwardsed out. His jabs don't seem to sting, even when he lands them.

Was Richardson sucking up to Hill? He's sweating that VP nod.

Obama was boring again. I think he is trying to follow the Gore model. Act real boring for a while and then catch fire when there is no election on the line.

And finally, I think Hillary was the big winner just because 90% of the questions were concerning her. There's no such thing as bad publicity. Her name is out there, people are treating like she's the president already. And that goes to my last point: I give my boy Russert a C for his showing. I expect better from him. I think he was winging it like Boyz II Men did singing God Bless America at the World Series. Brian Williams gets an "ehh."

BTB said...

Interesting, that's almost completely opposite of what I said in blog #4! I like your comments, though. I don't think Rich was sucking up to Hill. I think he sees it as his only way to separate himself from the pack - as the candidate with real issue differences.

netto said...

i especially like dodd questioning hillary's electability in the general election. i liked how he phrased the whole thing, too. this is a big issue. i'd imagine the rnc has tons of material to use. and it was during the clinton years that the repubs stormed into congress. the clinton family just brings out the ferocity in the right.

on a somewhat related note, did you see that the a majority of witches are foreseeing a hillary/wes clark ticket? clark does make one hell of a running mate.

NYT says witches say it'll be Hill and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Clark