Friday, October 19, 2007

Pimpin' All Over the World Wide Web

Snow Pond, NH -

We are expanding our audience here at 3Q!

Starting today, you will begin to see some of my work at Huffington Post Off the Bus. I plan on writing one or two articles each week for them, so be sure to check me out on the big stage and tell your friends! Right now they are featuring my latest post on the climate convention from last weekend.

I have also recently collaborated with one of today's most brilliant satirical minds, Noah Berkowitz, to produce a piece about Ron Paul for his Noah Lot More blog. Please check it out, and spread the word! The link to the article is here: Ron Paul Event Leaves Thousands of College Students Confused.

You know how we do, with the fancy cars, the women and the caviar.

All over the Granite State,


Anonymous said...

You're on too, right? Do you have anything to do with their raising money for a candidate selected by the users? I assume so, as it seems Ron Paul is the front runner for the contributions on their site.

MDB said...

Congrats on the Huffington Post gig!

BTB said...

Yes, I also cross-post on As for the money thing, I don't know about it. I just put my junk up there in a folder they made for me and hope to spread truth to the youth.

And thank, MDB, for the shout.