Saturday, October 6, 2007

On the Trail: More Pins Than Andy Kaufman's Wrestling Career

Snow Pond, NH -

Yes, that Andy Kaufman. We're back on the blog after a long morning of guiding our nation's youth toward successful careers in politics and an afternoon of napping and watching The Office. For some reason, this pin thing really strikes my fancy. So I was pleased to see that The Caucus did another piece about it today with excellent pictures from the latest debate. Since we are a blog, and actually among the people of the Granite State, we knew that Richardson's pin was from Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities, and we also have the freedom to tell you what they really mean about each candidate's character.

So for the Dems, whatzit mean?

Richardson - I care about budget priorities. I want a constitutional amendment to balance the budget, so that the federal government has to have a balanced budget just like we do as governors in all fifty states. I'm a governor. (Editor's note: maybe it even means a little something about Iraq.)

Edwards (his son's Outward Bound Pin) - I care about my family and I won't forget where I came from. (Editor's note, this has special meaning because of the background and the honor and commitment with which he wears it.)

Kucinich (Congressional pin)- I have pride and principles with respect to our nation's established foundations. (Editor's note: he won't go to war without any official declarations.)

For the GOP...

Paul (Congressional pin) - I will protect the constitution. (Editor's note: he will protect the Constitution.)

Giuliani (US Flag) -I will never forget the attacks of 9/11. (Editor's note: fake patriot and potential fascist.)

Gahhh, the October heat wave is bringing bugs pondside yet again. I'm getting Joba-ed! Better call it a post before I have to call in the team doctor for a sprayin'!

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Peace Czar said...

Richardson, rocking the True Majority pin, as popularized by Ben Cohen and his ice cream army. My pin was lost (along with my corduroy blazer) one drunken night in Brattleboro.

But that pin is a winner, representing our grossly misallocated budget. To again borrow from sagely Mike Gravel:

"We spend more on defense than the rest of the world put together. Who are we scared of?"

X out the war