Tuesday, August 21, 2007


That's right, folks, in just a couple of hours we will be headed north on our annual pilgrimage to Harrington country (KP, not Joey) to meet up with a band of brothers from the olden days of WESXC gentry. I won't be back in in the Quabbin Qabin until Saturday at the earliest, so posting could be limited between now and then depending on the availability of wifi at the Cascade Coffee House. However I will keep checking your Edwards votes until early Thursday morning and will definitely come at you with a hearty One America-style post whichever day the Peace Czar and I get around to seeing him.

Until then we will be seeking glory up in the mountains, rivers, and saloons and sending the vibes your way. In the immortal words of WP Fuhrman, "now don't be bringin' that weak sauce!"

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o said...

hope you're having a blast. i wish i could be there kickin it with ya'll.