Monday, August 27, 2007

Fighting Fire with Silver

GONE-zales may be all over the news, but my favorite political story of the day lies well below the radar. As a full caveat, Politico has been wrong before, but the story from Ben Smith's Dem blog is that the International Association of Fire Fighters are endorsing Chris Dodd. This is an interesting turn of events due to the fact that Dodd is currently sitting at best fifth in the ranks, and has been lacking momentum from day one. I give credit to the IAFF for sticking to their guns and going with a darkhorse candidate with whom they have a history instead of trying to pick a winner, and also for putting their hat in the ring at an early enough stage to make a difference. You dance with the girl you came to the prom with, you don't bust out the pimp game with the presumptive Queen once the music starts. Who's to say whether or not this will give Dodd any traction, or even a leg up on the Veep nod, but at least it's something.

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