Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hide Your Daughters!

If the press comes a-knockin', that is. But if it is a Republican lawmaker, hide your sons!

In today's HuffPo, RJ Eskow has a good article about where you should and should not go when discussing public candidates. Stemming from the Slate piece on Giuliani's daughter and all the blog-a-gaga about Jeri Thompson, Eskow determines that getting personal with persons who aren't the candidate is acceptable only when it is a matter of judgment or hypocrisy. I would have to agree. I found it pretty disturbing that a Slate journalist would attempt to contact Giuliani's daughter (who is a juvenile, by the way) to ask her about her facebook support groups. Here at 3Q, we avoid that entirely by not asking the candidates questions at all. And we certainly don't talk to underage girls. But like I mentioned earlier, it is more than okay to drag hypocrites through the dirt like my boy Dan Savage. Especially sexual hypocrites!

By the way, New Hampshire is big these days. President of France big. When you saw that picture (from the link) of Sark the Shark wearing those aviators and yelling at the journalist, weren't you thinking Dr. Leo Marvin all the way? Take a vacation from your problems.

Now one more Savage Love bit - his rant on George Bush and sexual abstinence from last week is terrrrific!

Dale's Pale Ale (on draft even!),

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Julie said...

Perfect detail about Sarkozy: "jumping onto their boat and scolding them loudly in French". I'll be he was also shaking a big baguette at them for emphasis.