Sunday, August 19, 2007

Chat & Chew with Mike Huckabee

Given Huckabee's history and known focus on personal health and good eating habits, there are a disproportionate amount of obese people here. Maybe its because we're at a restaurant with an all-you-can-eat buffet. Then again, the fattest ones seem to be wearing pin-striped suits.

They are wondering whether or not this is the first ever interview with a Prez candidate on a good show. Huck says sure it is, and make someone prove it.

Huckabee Changed lifestyle, eating habits, and exercising. He cites the difficulty of growing up in the deep south where everything is deep fried, but if its an entree you put gravy on it, a dessert you put powdered sugar on it.

A diet has a beginning and an end. "What does it take for me to be healthy?" He did those things "and the weight took care of itself."

fair to say that you are on the road 7 days a week? "Yes that's fair, and sometimes eight."

2 rules of nutrition - "if it wasn't a food a hundred years ago, it isn't a food today. Stay away from fried foods, processed sugar, processed foods." Talks about reading boxes to see just how awful some of the stuff is we put in our body. If you can't read it, don't eat it.
"if it comes through the car window it isn't food."

"If it says partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, you're better off if you eat the box"

RE: PE and vending machines in schools: Its not dry cleaning, you don't drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon well fed and well exercised.

Now they're raving about Sonic. Mmm, I remember going to the Sonic in downtown Denver with Pat McKiernan in '04.

not having fitness programs will be more expensive than having it.
THe most expensive nap in America - the one on the school desk. We need arts and music to keep kids engaged.

Find photo of 3rd grade, then go into a 3rd grade class today and look at the difference in the weight of kids, public or private. "I won't even have to say another word."

Tells story of the ferry boat in Baltimore that sunk in 2005 due to fatter people than CG standards allowed.

His favorite thing about New Hampshire is the weather. Yes!! Also, the most hospitable people. "Kind of like Southern people with a different accent."

Now the host asks him about the Press 1 for English thing. Huckabee cites effectiveness of Assimilation camps in Israel. Held together by the Jewish religion. The secret - an adherence to the Hebrew language. Fluency is required, stay in a camp environment for as long as it takes before you can move out into the country. In the best interest for those who want to succeed. Goes on to mention that English is the universal language of flight.

Health care needs to change from intervention-based to prevention based. There is enough money in our system to buy universal health care. I believe the doctor should work for you, not insurance, not govt. Medical records should be portable and available, they belong to you.

We need to get away from the post-WW2 model where health is tied to the employer, retire at 65, die at 72.

Back from commercial. Huckabee says he is a Red Sox fan. Live free or Die, aka support Red Sox or die.

Astronauts were his heroes growing up. Neil Armstrong, but also Alan Shepard.

Radio Host tells him he is a real person, and thanks him for "keeping it real". Respect.


Matt said...
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netto said...

Interesting example of the Israeli camps. But I'm still weary of making ingles the official American language.

And, yo, I was eating a supersonic breakfast burrito every Sunday for like the past 3 months - and then I went to the website to find out that it's like pure trans fat. Bummer.