Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fight the Power

In my upcoming (seriously, I'm almost done but I have other priorities, too) article on the Obama visit to Keene, it is clear that a major portion of the stump speech touches on the MSM's constant dismissal of Obama as naive and inexperienced. I think it is easy for someone like Obama to harp on that threat as a poor-me pity call for political gain, but the more I witness it the more legitimate it becomes. Especially since the youtube debate, nearly every time the Illinois Senator says something outside of the mold of political convention, it becomes a so-called gaffe due to his inexperience. This clip from a recent Nashua visit made it onto national news and earned a rebuke from the likes of Mitt Romney. Similarly, even harmless discussions with smalltown voters are getting blown up over the pages of the Washington Post and slammed by the Republicans.

I understand that the GOP criticism has much to do with the Fear of a Black Planet, or maybe just a Democratic Candidate, but nevertheless my Fear has more to do with the idea that a candidate's opposition can be so successful at framing their counterpart with the help of the MSM. An establishment media that jumps on the party line, ignores the articulate fringes and vilifies a bold, new approach? Now that is a real Public Enemy.

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